Whooshing Sound & Cold Air

At Indian Air, we have been overwhelmed with calls regarding a whooshing sound & cold air comming from heat pumps.  It is very common for your heat pump to make a whoosing sound and for cold air to blow through your vents in the cold winter months.  This is not a cause for concern.  Your heat pump is actually designed to do that.  It is the defrost cycle. 

When it is reallly cold out, the outdoor coil can freeze up or frost can cover it.  The heat pump is then kicks in to defrost cycle to melt the ice.  Defrost cycle usually lasts 1 to 10 minutes.  The amount of time your heat pump runs in defrost varies depending on the amount of ice on the coil.  Once all of the ice is melted, then your unit should heat as normal.  Although it does seem awkward to have your heater on and cool air to be blowing on you, this is a very important cycle designed to prolong your unit so that your unit doesn’t freeze up entirely and completly stop working.  The whooshing sound is also just a sign of defrost cycle.

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